British GP2 season begins at Silverstone

It’s great to finally get my first weekend underway at Silverstone! It’s a huge step onto the British GP2 motorcycle after spending three seasons on the Moto3, but I’m loving the bike and we’ve been making huge progressions in every session!

I’ve had to work on many different aspects of my riding during the winter, so that I am best prepared to ride the larger GP2 bike! The main thing for me, is that I am still light, in-fact, we still have to run weight on the motorcycle to reach the minimum weight regulation! So, I have to be relaxed and smooth, while still being able to move from side to side on the bike. I’ve worked hard on analysing the current Grand Prix style and with drills on smaller training bikes, I have been able to work on my inputs to the motorcycle, to allow me to hold my body lower to the ground, maintaining grip to the track and increasing my control of the bike and speed!

The British Supersport and British GP2 categories are extremely competitive, which makes it a fantastic challenge for me and one that I have really enjoyed so far! Everything on the bike and race is new for me, so it has been difficult to understand the direction I would like the bike to be setup, however, we have been working on some huge changes in each session, so that I am able to understand how these changes affect the motorcycle, which will allow me to improve further! I lined up for my first ever practice start on the bike, prepared myself and released the clutch. Nearly immediately, I found myself on the back of the bike and into a wheelie! However, I learnt from that and both of my starts in the races where perfect, making up many places on the first laps!

We can take many positives from the first weekend, I am beginning to feel at home on the motorcycle and understanding how I can change my inputs into the bike, alongside the setup, so that I can be consistently fast! I’m really happy with our progress and I’m excited to head to Oulton Park for the next round!