Rookies Cup Selection Event

Finally the trip to Spain and attending the Red Bull Rookies Cup selection event arrived and Thomas packed his luggage for Spain.  Arriving in Malaga the first stop was lunch at the beach, unfortunately the car was broken into and nearly all of the race kit, coats and luggage was stolen.

Day one turned into a race to replace all of the race kit and clothing to enable Thomas to compete at the selection event.  With the help of Cameron Fraser and his dad, Thomas started Day Two with a set of leathers and back protector!  After a quick trip to Guadix, Thomas was able to attend the race track and sign-on.

Turning up at the track next morning, Thomas was allocated his race group for the day.  To be invited to this selection event is very special as only 100 riders are chosen from around the world to attend the event.   The first day of testing went well for Thomas with two sessions of 15 minutes in the day to improve his lap performance on track.   The judges de-briefed all the riders in the early evening and ended the day choosing only 40 riders to remain for the final day of the selection event, Thomas was picked, and that night focused on the next day of riding.

The final selection day started with a change of riding groups, Thomas was included in the first group out.  The first session allowed Thomas to become comfortable with the bike and to test the morning track conditions.  In the afternoon session, Thomas tried hard and pushed the bike to the limits, after getting a few warm up laps, he put in a few fast laps to end the Event. Thomas set a fast lap time, improving on all the session.

Despite trying hard and fighting to both attend the event and push his performance to the limit, Thomas was not chosen this year by the Red Bull Rookies Cup team. Thomas quote:

“Although I did not get selected for the Red Bull Rookies Cup, I must remind myself that it was only 12 weeks since my arm injury and only my second time out on a motorcycle since this. I’m extremely pleased to know that, even though still being affected by a serious injury, I can still compete against some of the best in the world! Now my plans are to recover, and become fit to get back racing for 2016.”